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Mission Statement

We build a layered approach to cultivate trust and enhance the individual and combined strengths of our students and our community through sustained engagement with science, education, business, and advocacy.

  •     Data science creates a grounded representation of the strengths, barriers, and pathways toward solutions. 
  •     Community Health Workers (CHW) provide advocacy and leadership for front-line engagement with the community. 
  •     Student coursework and project opportunities enhance individual and community strengths through shared work toward real goals.


Responsive Engagement forms the core of our values. We are consistenly interlinked with the community and responsive to what their values, goals, and needs are. The different components of data science, CHW's, and student collaboration allow us to do this.


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How we do it?

We offer project-based approaches to developing skills in community advocacy and data analytics for young students, undergraduates, professionals, and researchers. 

Project-based learning lets everyone start from where they are and gain the skills they need.

Engaged data science lets everyone see both the limits and the power of data to answer the questions that actually matter.

Community health lets everyone start from the strengths of their community and promotes health instead of only reacting to symptoms.

Conferences & Community Events

To see our current and previous events, including conferences, click here.


Components of Responsive Engagement

  • Data Analytics in Student Hands

    Learn how patterns emerge in projects - from students and researchers - using a simulated population for Harris County that includes housing, income, employment and health data.
  • Community Health Workers Initiative

    Gain certifications and additional training and support as a Community Health Worker, an advocate for individual and community health using tools for data analysis, social networking, and project implementation and assessment.
  • Honors in Community Health

    Join our student organization where student led projects have taken on a life of their own and continue to grow and impact the places where we live.

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