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If you would like to enter your school into the Mars Rover Celebration for the category of Mars Habitation please read the following rules first.

All Entries Expectations:

  • Student teams will design and construct a model of a martian community. Each model or layout should be designed to display on a table top. Max dimensions are 2 ft X 2 ft X 2 ft (LXWXH).

    • Materials can include Legos, styrofoam, cardboard, aluminum, wood, plastic, etc.

  • Individual students will write and illustrate a short story. Books must be:
    • At least 8 pages.
    • Typed or written in black pen. No pencil.
    • Illustrated: color pencil or crayons, no markers.
  • Models and books must be the work of the submitting team. An adult should do any soldering unless a student has had appropriate training and is supervised. Other than that, the students must do all other work.

  • Creative use of found objects and discarded household items is encouraged - these items will be considered "no cost" ($0) when calculating total model cost.

  •  Projects must be the work of the submitting team. An adult can help with printing or binding books. Other than that, the students must do all other work.

  • A complete entry will consist of:

    • A model of a martian community.
    • A "guide" booklet describing the each part of the home/community and how it contributes to building a sustainable martian home/community. (A poster board is encouraged but optional)

    • A presentation skit (less than 5 minutes) performed for the Judges during the contest. Students may use notes. Each member should contribute to the oral presentation.

    • A short illustrated story from EACH team member. Needs a cover that includes a title, neatly drawn and colored picture, author’s name, and community/project name. Books should be at least 8 pages and written or pasted on the blank books provided.

  • Judges will probably ask questions after the skit (less than 5 minutes).

  • Teams may consist of 2-4 students or youths. Individual entries are not allowed.

  •  If a school or youth group holds an internal activity to select entries, the teams should stay intact. No "all-star" teams, please.

  • The decisions of the Judges are final.