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Elizabeth D. Rockwell Student Scholarships in Ethics and Leadership

Six Elizabeth D. Rockwell Student Scholarships in Ethics and Leadership will be given in the amount of $1500 each to students with demonstrated excellence in ethical leadership and also financial need. Preference will be given to juniors and seniors in a field related to public policy, but other students will also be given full consideration. The following application materials should be submitted in a single PDF electronically to Please include in the subject line: 'EDR Student Scholarship application, Last name, first name' by November 15

  • A Cover letter that includes the following:  
  1. Name 
  2. People Soft ID: 
  3. Email Address:  
  4. Preferred Phone number: 
  5. Address with city, state, and zip code: 
  6. Major[s] (and minors, if applicable): 
  7. Current classification (junior or senior?): 
  8. How many hours remaining for you to complete your degree? 
  9. Cumulative UH GPA: 
  10. GPA within Major (you can find this information on your degree report plan): 
  11. If applicable, what is your transfer GPA? How many semester hours have you completed at UH? 
  12. If applicable, how many hours did you transfer to UH? 
  13. How many hours are you currently enrolled at UH? 
  14. Do you presently hold any scholarships? (If yes, please name): 
  • A copy of your college transcripts, including both University of Houston and other universities you have attended (unofficial copies are fine)
  • A copy of your resume or CV listing your contact information and ethics and leadership activities.
  • A short statement (no more than 750 words) that discusses your leadership or community/civic activities, career goals, financial needs (including the circumstances of your financial needs); and why you think you deserve a scholarship in ethics and leadership.

For more information, please contact Johanna Luttrell at

Meet the 2021 Elizabeth D. Rockwell Scholars