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Faculty & Staff: Past Scholars


The table below provides an inventory of Fulbright Scholars from the UH System since 1998.

Download Excel file to view project details.

Year Scholar Discipline Campus Host
Host Country
2014-19 Short, Paula Myrick Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences UH TBA TBA
2013-14 Bencomo, Anadeli Liberal Arts and Social Sciences UH Universidad de Guadalajara Mexico
2012-13 Benhaddou, Driss Engineering UH Al-Akhawayn University Morocco
2012-13 Bittner, Eric Chemistry UH University of Montreal Canada
2012-13 Fairclough, Marta Linguistics UH University of Zagreb Croatia
2012-13 Weaver, Jacqueline Law UH KIMEP Kazakhstan
2012-13 Kleinheider, Julia Languages & Literature UH The German-American Fulbright Commission Germany
2011-12 Ayadi, Mary Economics UHCL Covenant University Nigeria
2011-12 Horn, Catherine Education UH Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Chile
2011-12 Lee, Rebecca Psychology UH University of Guadalajara Mexico
2011-12 Reed, John Art UH Miguel Hernandez University of Elche Spain
2009-10 Lash, Jeffrey Geography UHCL University of Belgrade Serbia
2009-10 McMullen, John Sociology UHCL American University in Cairo Egypt
2008-09 Cong, Xiaoping History (non-U.S.) UH Shaanxi Normal University China
2008-09 Ramamoorthy, Nagarajan Business Administration UHV Univ of National and World Economics Bulgaria
2008-09 Schiff, Frederick Sociology UH Federal University of Bahia Brazil
2008-09 Valenti, Marian Business Administration UHCL National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan
2007-08 Lange, Barbara Music UH Eotvos Lorand University Hungary
2006-07 Creighton, Jane American Literature UHD Jagiellonian University Poland
2006-07 Nimmer, Raymond Law UH Portuguese Catholic University Portugal
2006-07 Pate, Wayne TEFL/Applied Linguistics UH Khakasskii State University Russia
2006-07 Pavletich, JoAnn American Literature UHD University of Antananarivo Madagascar
2005-06 Golemon, Patricia American Literature UHD Providence University Taiwan
2005-06 McNamara, Kevin American History UHCL Ege University Turkey
2005-06 Pavletich, JoAnn American Literature UHD University of Antananarivo Madagascar
2004-05 Lindahl, Carl American Studies UH University of Edinburgh UK
2004-05 Penn, Everette American Studies UHCL Cairo University Egypt
2003-04 Crowder, Jerome Anthropology UH National University of the Altiplano Peru
2003-04 Davidson, Robin American Literature UHD Jagiellonian University Poland
2003-04 Jacobs, David Art History UH National Taiwan University Taiwan
2003-04 Mikics, David American Literature UH University of Leipzig Germany
2002-03 Hu, Sandria Art UHCL Veracruzana University Mexico
2002-03 Turner, Elizabeth American History UHD University of Genoa Italy
2001-02 Chau, Chak-Tong Business Administration UHD Univ of Internat Business and Econ China
2001-02 Rasmussen, Susan Anthropology UH l'Institute des Recherches Humaines Niger
2001-02 Schultz, Wendy Political Science UHCL Turku School of Econ and Business Admin Finland
2000-01 Hawes, William Communications UH National Chengchi University Taiwan
2000-01 Melosi, Martin American History UH University of Southern Denmark Denmark
1999-00 Cooley, Marianne TEFL/Applied Linguistics UH University of Silesia Poland
1999-00 Dole, Richard Law UH Tsinghua University China
1999-00 Gaines, Sanford Law UH Aarhus University Denmark
1999-00 Heller, Miriam Engineering UH University of Aix-Marseille III France
1999-00 White, Louis Business Administration UHCL National Sun Yat-Sen University Taiwan
1998-99 Johnson, Curtis Engineering UH Western University Azerbaijan
1998-99 Rabinovitch, Ramon Business Administration UH University of Belgrano Argentina
1998-99 Wolinsky, Ira Medical Sciences UH Harokopio University Greece