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Talking About Books

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

9:30 am - 10:30 am

Join us for the launch of our new faculty development series, Talk About Books (TAB). We’re excited to invite you to participate in the inaugural event of the Spring 2024 TAB series – a panel discussion on “Pathways to Publishing Your Book: Academic Research, Popular Press, and Self-Publishing.”

This session promises valuable insights into the diverse avenues of publishing, covering topics such as the process of publication, agent selection, understanding royalties, and strategies to monetize your work. Whether you’re delving into academic research, exploring opportunities in the popular press, or considering self-publishing, this discussion will provide a comprehensive overview.

Panelists: Dr. Vanessa Patrick-Rahln and Dr. Melody Li

Facilitator: Dr. Linda Garcia Merchant

Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 810 2944 5350


The FED values accessibility and engagement for all events. If you are a faculty with a disability and are experiencing a barrier/access-related issue, please contact the FED at fed@uh.edu 7 days in advance so we can work with you to support your needs.