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1:00 pm2:00 pm
How to Translate your Research for a General Audience

This session will be focused on translating your research for a general audience online. I will discuss how to best utilize digital media strategies to bring your research to a wider audience. The webinar will include practical tips and insights from working in educational digital media. Topics covered will include: 1) Using online platforms and social media to spread the word about your work, 2) Creating videos, op-eds, articles, podcasts, etc. that entertain while educating, and 3) How to effectively write for a wide range of non-specialist viewers outside your area of expertise. https://www.facultydiversity.org/webinars/researchtranslation 
This is an NCFDD event, it is recorded, but you must log in with your free UH NCFDD membership in order to register for the event or see the recording. Instructions to claim your free UH NCFDD membership are at https://uh.edu/provost/faculty/current/fed/services/ncfdd/