Incentive Program Anniversary for Facilities


In June 2021, an exciting new recognition program was begun to celebrate the Facilities/Construction Management purpose of Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence. Custom created UH F/CM coins began to be distributed to F/CM team members committed to the Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence mindset. The tradition of these types of coins being incorporated into the department’s culture signifies a visible and lasting memento that recognizes that team member’s contribution to achieving the strategic mission of both UH and F/CM.

It has now been twelve months since this new incentive program for Facilities/Construction Management has started and the response has been tremendous. These coins are presented to employees who exemplify going above and beyond. Most of the time a preset presentation is scheduled on the calendar with Sr. AVC/AVP David Oliver that includes an invite to the team member’s entire chain of command. This helps reiterate the importance of receiving this honor.

190 coins have been distributed to over 150 different employees and the list is always growing. There is already one employee that actually has four coins!

Recipient names are included monthly in the F/CM employee newsletter. Since starting this tradition over a year ago, coin stands have been added so that they can be displayed proudly.

Since everyone might not have the same sentimental value for the coins, an employee can also decide if they would prefer to exchange them for items displayed in the AVC Office cabinet. Prices for these additional choices range from one coin to four coins. Many team members have their eyes on the UH backpack or the multiple tool sets but they typically wait to get their second coin before an exchange occurs.

“Building a culture of appreciation is part of what we want to develop in our department. We have amazing employees who are dedicated and continue to help customers and their other team members on a daily basis. They need to be recognized for these efforts and these coins were a great way to achieve this goal.” states Oliver.

Facilities/Construction Management can only continue Building Futures and Maintaining Excellence through employees who go above and beyond.