Revolutionizing Customer Service

Facilities/Construction Management is changing the game.

Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence was the summation of F/CM’s recent mission and vision initiative. Revolutionizing customer service with a new emphasis on engaging with customers is one way these four words are not just a statement on a wall but are being made real in the hall. 

As always, the first step in our customer engagement process is for customers to submit their service requests through the Four Ways to FIXIT. This can be a phone call, email, text, or using Access UH<FIXIT icon.

These requests will then be processed by the 24/7 FIXIT Customer Call Center serviced by WorkQuest. This non-profit corporation links Texans with disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities. Using this provided service aligns with the UH Strategic Plan with regards to the Social Responsibility through the Texas Workforce Commission program that supports community rehabilitation.

F/CM will then respond to those submitted service requests by arriving at the customer's door, in-person within 24 business hours of an issue being submitted by dedicated Customer Liaisons that can be easily identified by their recognizable UH Carts. AVC/AVP David Oliver comments, “This is an ambitious goal, but with determination and commitment, it can be accomplished.” 

The FIXIT Frontline individuals who will arrive @ the door in 24 will triage the situation and communicate to the FACILITIES shops, teams, and crews what has been observed, reviewed, and discussed with the customer. This will help direct the work orders to the right shop along with an increased understanding of the urgency of the issue reported. The expectations on when and how the work will be completed will also be more accurately communicated.

After the FIXIT Frontline team member assesses the situation, our well-trained and knowledgeable team members will then work hard to complete the request using the resources available.

Facilities/Construction Management realizes the impact that each facility has on student success. F/CM strives to maintain the campus facilities with operational excellence to continue to build research opportunities.

Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence.