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Owner's Design Criteria

The Office of Facilities Planning & Construction publishes reference documents for use in the design of its facilities. 

  • Master Plans - for planning principles and frameworks to guide campus development. 
  • Design Guidelines - for design principles, performance requirements, materials and other standards to assist the design professional in understanding the University's goals for its buildings and public spaces.
  • Master Specifications - for technical standards to include in design and construction documents for new, expanded, or renovated facilities and public spaces.
  • Signage Standards - for graphic design standards and materials to use in exterior and interior signage. 

Supplementing these resources are:

Design professionals are responsible for including the proper Master Specification sections in the contract documents and for verifying that codes, references and other standards in the specifications are up-to-date and accurate. The legal responsibilty for contract document preparation shall reside with the design professional. 

These reference documents are updated periodically. The standards and specifications posted at the time the Project Agreement is executed shall be the basis for the contract documents, unless otherwise agreed. 

Facilities Planning & Construction welcomes comments, suggestions, or questions on the Owner's Design Criteria.  Please send your questions or comments to:

Christa Rieck
Executive Director of Planning
(713) 743-5822