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Radioactive Materials Procurement Process

All orders of radiactive material must go through the procurement process and recieve EHS approval before they can be ordered.

Radioactive materials are one of the types of material that requires an Addendum B form for purchasing approval. An addendum B requires EHS approval before the process can continue. We suggest that any researcher ordering radioactive material notify EHS Radiation Safety before ordering, so we are aware of your order and can sign and return the addendum B as quickly as possible. 

For existing labs ordering an approved isotope, the process should be simple.

For existing labs ordering a new isotope, not yet approved, an amendment to the permit will be required.

For labs not yet using radioactive material, a new license application will be required.

All radioactive materials orders must be shipped to EHS at:

Attn: Radiation Safety Officer
4513 Cullen Blvd
Houston TX, 77204
Direct shipment to laboratories or other destinations is not permitted. 
Tracking information must be provided to EHS Radiation Safety for the shipment. On the day of receipt, EHS will receive the package. EHS staff will perform the necessary check-in surveys and wipe testing. If the package passes this test, EHS staff will deliver the material to the lab. Please arrange to have someone available to recieve the package from EHS and store it in your RAM storage area.