University Career Services Employment Website and Single Graduation Survey: A New Chapter for streamlining data collection and elevating student success - University of Houston
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DSA News
November 13, 2023

University Career Services continues its unwavering commitment to student success by taking a significant step forward in enhancing the career journeys of University of Houston (UH) students. University Career Services (UCS) recently launched an innovative employment website. This platform not only empowers students but also streamlines data collection efforts for the university.

The UCS Employment website, accessible at Employment Data - University of Houston, serves as a comprehensive hub of information for students and employers. It represents a culmination of hard work, dedication, and a vision to support students in their professional pursuits. Dr. Daniel Maxwell, interim vice chancellor, and interim vice president of student affairs, expressed his excitement, stating, "I am excited for our students and employers who can now explore comprehensive employment data by going to the University Career Service (UCS) website. I am appreciative of the visionary work of Dr. Monica Thompson, interim associate vice president for student affairs and UCS executive director, and her partnership with Institutional Research and the Office of the University Registrar in both creating this new landing page and implementing one all-inclusive graduation survey for our graduating seniors. This is a game changer in the work we do for our students."

The UCS employment website is not merely a repository of data; it is a testament to the Division of Student Affairs' dedication to fostering student success. Some of the key aspects that make this platform essential include:

  1. Comprehensive Employment Data: The website provides a wealth of information, enabling students and employers to access essential insights. Students can explore career outcomes, job placement rates, salary data, and employer engagement information. This wealth of information empowers students to make informed decisions about their career paths.
  2. Seamless Data Collection: The platform streamlines data collection efforts for the university. By centralizing employment data and leveraging the partnership with Institutional Research and the Office of the University Registrar, UH has established a more efficient process for gathering and presenting employment-related statistics. This not only saves time but also ensures data accuracy and integrity.
  3. Graduation Survey: A notable addition to this initiative is the introduction of an all-inclusive graduation survey for graduating seniors. This survey gathers valuable information about students' post-graduation plans, including their employment status, further education, or other pursuits. This data is instrumental in understanding how the university contributes to students' career success.
  4. Support for Student Career Journeys: The UCS employment website aligns perfectly with the university's commitment to supporting its students. It offers a treasure trove of resources, including resume-building tips, job search strategies, interview preparation, and much more. Students have access to a wide range of tools and advice to help them navigate the competitive job market successfully.
  5. Employer Engagement: Employers also benefit from this initiative as they can gain insights into the caliber of UH graduates, making it easier for them to identify potential talent for their organizations. This engagement fosters a strong connection between the university and the business community.

Dr. Monica Thompson, interim associate vice chancellor/interim associate vice president and executive director of UCS, said “I would like to extend my appreciation to Cynthia Olmedo, assistant director of Alumni Career Services at UCS, for her exceptional work in collaboration with the UCS team and various college graduation teams since 2015. When I first joined University Career Services in 2014, our data collection efforts were quite limited. Over the years, we explored various approaches to boost response rates, continually innovating to collect and share data effectively with our constituents. I am incredibly proud of the collective efforts we have undertaken as a team.”

Dr. Thompson also expressed, “In addition to the employment website launch, University Career Services launched a single campus-wide graduation survey. Many thanks to our campus partners in Institutional Research, the Office of the University Registrar, and the College-based career centers for working with me and my team to bring both goals to fruition. These are indeed exciting times ahead, and this achievement marks a significant step in enhancing our data collection and reporting processes for our institution.”

The launch of the UCS employment website is a milestone in the University of Houston's journey to elevate student success. It exemplifies the DSA’s commitment to its students' futures, making career-related information more accessible, and streamlining data collection efforts. Through these efforts, the university can tell a more compelling story about the impact it has on the lives of its students.

In conclusion, the University of Houston's UCS Employment website is a valuable resource that represents a significant stride towards enhancing the career journeys of its students. It encapsulates the spirit of collaboration, dedication, and a commitment to supporting the aspirations of UH students. With this innovative platform, students and employers alike can explore a wealth of data and resources that will undoubtedly shape the future of UH graduates.

Written by Germaine Washington, Director of Marketing and Communications