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About the Cullen Performance Hall

In the heart of the University of Houston campus is the historic Cullen Performance Hall.

The facility has been one of the premier entertainment venues in the city of Houston since opening in the fall of 1950. Its cozy, relaxed atmosphere provides the ideal setting for music concerts, public lectures, dance performances and theatrical productions.

Over the years, it has hosted many well-known performers and musicians, including Linda Ronstadt, Devo, Elvis Costello, The Ramones, Joe Cocker, INXS, Eurythmics, Bruce Hornsby and Iggy Pop.

It is open for the community to book for shows, programs and other events.

Mission Statement: 

The Cullen Performance Hall is the largest on-campus Performance Theater providing a facility for The University of Houston departments, student programs, and external programs. The Cullen Performance Hall also provides education, entertainment, and enrichment of the arts to the University and surrounding community.