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Parent Quotes


“The program is great and we are very pleased with Mr. Pedro and Ms Virgina's teaching - both of them are very caring and supportive and really committed to ensuring the preschoolers really learn Spanish! Our daughter Sophie is enrolled in the Spanish language immersion (SLI) program and we are so excited about her development and about the quality of the program! Since our children are both third culture kids (who are growing up in a culture that does not overlap with either of their parents' home country cultures) we want them to grow up knowing that there are many different languages and ways of living life. The SLI program has been perfect for that - our daughter is learning everything preschoolers learn in Spanish (on the way home from school she teaches me and her one-year-old sister Spanish phrases!!). In addition, she is learning how certain things are different in different cultures, and the SLI program has provided the perfect examples for that: They have created a "mercado" to show that not everyone on this planet shops at a grocery store; they are learning about different holiday traditions in other cultures, about foods, and different ways of interacting with one another in different cultures. My husband and I have now signed our baby up to start the SLI toddler program as soon as she's old enough and are already looking forward to being the only non-Spanish speakers in our family!”

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“We love the Spanish Language Immersion Program. Our daughter has slowly learned Spanish which started from requesting “agua” (water) to learning the names of food to telling whether something is “grande” (big) to singing multiple songs (La Vaca Lola is her favorite!). Now, 9 months later, she makes jokes in Spanish. She laughed when saying “Buenos Noches” (Good Night) when we woke up one morning. The teachers provide a very rich environment for learning. When I visit, the teachers always comment in Spanish on what I have said in English, which is beneficial to me and everyone else. We’re very happy with the class and look forward to seeking out a Dual Language Program in the public schools to continue her Spanish language learning.”


“Our son, Victor, loves the teachers in the SLI toddler classroom. We find that they are so patient and caring with him and the other students. It is a very nurturing environment. He has become more confident in using Spanish. He is teaching us words and phrases, and we look forward to hearing him speak sentences as he continues the program.”