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Call for IRWGS grant applications for FY 2024

2 IRWGS Faculty Research Grants - $4,000

We invite applications from IRWGS Faculty Affiliates for two grants of up to $4,000 each to support research project/pilot data development, for projects related to gender and/or sexuality in the Houston/Harris County region.  

Please submit:

  • an overview of your project (max 500 words)
  • a one-paragraph description of the uses to which grant funds will go
  • a personnel list
  • project start date and length
  • a budget listing other funding secured

No faculty salary may be included in the grant, but student or other research assistant salaries are okay.

Applications due Monday, June 12, 2023, by midnight, to

Submission instructions for all applications:

  1. Submit materials listed below in one PDF titled “lastname_FacFell2024.pdf” to
  2. Reference letters should be sent by their authors to, as PDFs.


Past awarded IRWGS Faculty Research grants:
Black Migration Houston – Rachel Afi Quinn & Zelma Oyarvide Tuthill
Sharing Stories from 1977 – Nancy Beck Young & Leandra Zarnow