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Spanish Major (B.A.)

The Department offers specialized courses through its growing programs in business and world cultures and literatures, including additional areas to provide students with the background required to perform well in graduate programs and a wide range of career options. The program covers from the Golden Age to Contemporary Spanish culture and literature; literature and cultural studies from colonial to contemporary Latin America and its growing field of U.S. Latina and Latino cultures, literatures, and linguistics.


Total Hours: minimum of  120 hours to include  36 advanced hours (3000 — 4000 level)

In addition to completing the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, students majoring in Spanish must complete 27 semester hours in Spanish at the advanced level (3000-4000). Spanish majors must take a minimum 15 credit hours in residence with the Department of Hispanic Studies, not including credit by exam or study abroad. Advanced-level courses must include the following:

  1. SPAN 3301 (or 3307 for students on the heritage track)
  2. SPAN 3302 (or 3308 for students on the heritage track)
  3. SPAN 3306: Introduction to the Spanish Language
  4. SPAN 3384: Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  5. Fifteen hours from one or more of the following areas, including six hours at the 4000 level: Literature, Linguistics, Culture, Applied Spanish (business, health, education, translation, etc.) - See list of recommended courses below.
  6. At least 2312-level proficiency in a second foreign language is required. This requirement will be waived for Spanish majors who complete a second major.  This includes PB students who decide to pursue a second bachelor's degree in Spanish.


Minor in Spanish

Art, business, culture, film, language, linguistics, and literature are among the subjects that students can take for their minor in Spanish. Students choosing to minor in Spanish must complete 15 semester hours, and 12 of these credit hours must be at the 3000 or 4000 level beyond the 4-course Spanish Language Program sequence.

Requirements for minor in Spanish:

  • 15 hours, 9 of which are advanced, 9 of which must be in residence. Non-Heritage speakers must complete 2312, 3301, 3302 and six additional hours. Heritage speakers must complete 2308, 3307, 3308, and six additional advanced hours. Min GPA=2.0
  •  Course Sequence for Non-Heritage Speakers 1501, 1502 or 1505, 2311, 2312, 3301, 3302, 33??/43??, 33??/43??
  • Course Sequence for Heritage Speakers 1507, 2307, 2308, 3307, 3308, 33??/43??, 33??/43??

Minor in Spanish for the Global Professions

The Minor in Spanish for the Global Professions is designed for students who anticipate careers in which they will need to interact with Hispanic communities in the U.S. or abroad and who wish to continue the study of Spanish language and culture for specific professional purposes: business, translation & interpretation, and health. Students must complete 15 hours of advanced Spanish courses.

Minor in Spanish for the Global Professions:

  • 15 hours, all of which are advanced, 9 of which must be in residence
  • Non-Heritage speakers must complete 6 hours of SPAN 3301 and SPAN 3302; Heritage speakers must complete 6 hours of SPAN 3307 and SPAN 3308
  • 3 hours of SPAN 3339
  • 6 hours of SPAN 3341 and SPAN 3342 for Business Professions Track or
  • 6 hours of SPAN 3343 and SPAN 4343 for Health Professions Track or
  • 6 Hours of SPAN 3312 and SPAN 4313/4387 for Translation Studies Track


Have completed at least 3 hours of coursework at the University of Houston in your minor at the sophomore level and be registered in a 3000-level course. Your overall GPA must be above 2.0, and you must have a major declared. (Pre-Business is OK)

Please come by the Department of Hispanic Studies main office (room 416 AH) two weeks after you have dropped off the “Degree Plan for Minor” form to sign your minor degree plan.

Recommended 3000/4000 Spanish Courses

Note: that students can fulfill UH core requirements in Language Philosophy and Culture and Creative Arts by taking courses such as SPAN 3373 (LPC), 3374 (LPC), 3386 (CA).


  • SPAN 3331: Mexican-American Literature
  • SPAN 3350: Women in Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 3384: Intro. to Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 4311: Survey Spanish Lit to 1700
  • SPAN 4312: Survey Span Lit since 1700 to Present
  • SPAN 4321: Survey Spanish-American Lit I
  • SPAN 4322: Survey Spanish-American Lit II
  • SPAN 4336: Don Quijote
  • SPAN 4337: Contemporary Spanish-American Lit
  • SPAN 4339: Spanish-American Short Story
  • SPAN 4368: Mexican Lit in the Twentieth Century
  • SPAN 4369: Contemporary Spanish Lit
  • SPAN 4372: Lit & the Visual Arts in Modern Spain
  • SPAN 4388: Images of Women in Span-Amer Film&Lit


  • SPAN 3305: Spanish Grammar Review
  • SPAN 3306: Intro to the Study of Span Lang
  • SPAN 4356: Spanish Grammar for Teachers
  • SPAN 4357: Spanish Phonetics
  • SPAN 4365: Spanish-Engl Contrastive Structures
  • SPAN 3394: Selected Topics in Spanish
  • SPAN 4396: Topics in Span Language and Linguistics


  • SPAN 3345: Hispanic Folklore of the Southwest
  • SPAN 3373: Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 3374: Spanish Amer Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 3375: US Latino Culture
  • SPAN 3386: Screen Memories: Spanish Culture through Film
  • SPAN 4372: Lit & the Visual Arts in Modern Spain
  • SPAN 4388: Images of Women in Span-Amer Film&Lit

Applied Spanish – Business

  • SPAN 3341: Span for Business and Trade
  • SPAN 3342: Cross-Cult Bus Contexts:U.S./Latin Amer
  • SPAN 4341: Advanced Business Spanish

Applied Spanish - Health

  • SPAN 3343: Spanish for the Health Professions
  • SPAN 4343: Health and Society in the Hispanic World

Applied Spanish – Teaching

  • SPAN 3305: Spanish Grammar Review
  • SPAN 4356: Spanish Grammar for Teachers
  • SPAN 4365: Spanish-Engl Contrastive Structures
  • SPAN 4371: Techniques of Teaching Spanish
  • SPAN 4374: Teaching Spanish to Heritage Learners

Applied Spanish – Translation and Interpretation

  • SPAN 3312: Fundamentals of English/Spanish Translation
  • SPAN 4313: Advanced English/Spanish Translation
  • SPAN 4387: Literary and Legal Translation