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Learning Abroad

Due to travel restrictions and health risks related to COVID-19, all learning abroad programs organized by the Department of Hispanic Studies will be suspended until further notice.

Learning Abroad Office

Where do you want to study? With the University of Houston's Office of International Studies and Programs Department the globe is your classroom. Immerse yourself in the cultures, languages and lifestyles of other countries for a life changing educational experience. For information and application deadlines visit the Learning Abroad website

Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

University of Houston students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and financial aid for the study abroad program. Learn more on the Learning Abroad scholarship page

Links and Downloadable Information

Guidelines for Approval of Courses Abroad

Learn Abroad in  Buenos Aires, Argentina - (Undergraduate)

Learn Abroad in Cádiz, Spain - (Undergraduate)

Learn Abroad in Salamanca, Spain- (Graduate)

Kukulcan Program in Cuernavaca, Mexico