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New Grad Studenst 2015

Ph.D. Graduates Hispanic Studies, 2015.
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The graduate program offers both Doctoral and Master's programs in the fields of Hispanic Literature and Linguistics. These degrees are designed to help students who wish to pursue careers in college teaching and advanced university level research. In addition to offering Ph.D with a specialization in Literature or Linguistics, the program also offers several variations of a Master's degree. The department offers the traditional M.A.; and an M.A. in Salamanca, designed for elementary and secondary school teachers.

Degrees Offered


The M.A. program in Spanish offers a perfect academic environment for students interested in advanced studies in the fields of Hispanic, Latin American and Peninsular Literature, and Spanish Linguistics. The program has been designed to provide knowledge and develop critical thinking on traditional and modern approaches used in these fields. The main goal of the M.A. program in Spanish is the preparation of future professionals to develop successful careers in education, administration, interpretation, and translation in diverse public and private institutions. The M.A. program in Spanish provides a strong preparation to pursue advanced studies at the Ph.D. level.

For more information about the course work, expectations, deadlines and the general progression of the master’s program please see the M.A. Students Handbook.

MA General Requirements


The Department of Hispanic Studies is at the forefront of research and teaching of Hispanic literature and Spanish linguistics. Our offering in Hispanic literature and Hispanic linguistics now encompasses the literatures written throughout the Americas and Spain. Given Houston’s location, as well as Arte Público Press and the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Project at UH, our Ph.D. program offers an optimal environment in which to achieve excellence.

For more information about the course work, expectations and the progression of the PhD program please see the PhD Students Handbook.

PhD General Requirements

Graduate Certificate: Spanish as a Heritage Language

Arte de la Frontera entre México y los Estados Unidos