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The CLASSICS: Greatest hits from Fall 2022

From international awards to prestigious fellowships, here are some successes from around our college in Fall 2022. 

Valenti Student Gives Traditional Mexican Clothing Modern Update

Valenti School of Communication student Fatima Gutierrez owns a Houston-based boutique that offers traditional clothes with a twist. She runs the store, Guaraxez, with her mother, Mirna Guevara.

Political promises or the lesser evil? New report draws lessons from Texas Gubernatorial Election

Targeting the intersection of integrity and polarization in politics, Associate Professor Scott Clifford organized and maintained the 2022 national “Morality and Polarization Survey.” Conducted by YouGov, a platform designed to give voice to the community, Clifford examined an oversampling of Texas voters, polling the extent voters believed candidates running for office and new voters.

Novel Study to Examine Migrant Mental and Physical Health 

In a first of its kind study, University of Houston psychology researchers are investigating how the trauma experienced by migrants before and during the journey to the United States affects their mental and physical health.

Alumni Spotlight: Art Strong (’11) 

Art Strong is ready to change the game in advertising. The owner of Strong Co., a boutique advertising agency based out of Houston, Strong has been hard at work creating an agency that provides exceptional services to customers and shares valuable insights of the advertising industry with up-and-coming professionals. They recently won a gold medal at the regional level from the American Advertising Federation and have multiple silver and bronze medals for their social campaigns. This stand-out CLASS alumnus took a bit of time to sit down with us and talk about his goals as a business owner and what got him into advertising.

Fentanyl Vaccine Potential ‘Game Changer’ for Opioid Epidemic

research team led by the University of Houston has developed a vaccine targeting the dangerous synthetic opioid fentanyl that could block its ability to enter the brain, thus eliminating the drug’s “high.” The breakthrough discovery could have major implications for the nation’s opioid epidemic by becoming a relapse prevention agent for people trying to quit using opioids. While research reveals Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is treatable, an estimated 80% of those dependent on the drug suffer a relapse.

AFROTC cadet Emma Garcia applies basic lifesaving skills

For University of Houston senior Emma Garcia, Sept. 14 started just as any other day: hot, busy and with enough cars on campus to push her to the edge of TDECU Stadium warehouses at 9:30 a.m. However, the day soon proved to be anything from average — it was lifechanging.