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About the Program

Why French?

France has one of the richest European histories, cultures and literatures, and its artistic and philosophical thought has had a great impact on Western civilization. French was, for a long time, the language of international diplomacy and continues to be widely spoken throughout the world. It is the official language of more than 20 countries and is, with English, the only language spoken on all five continents. Historically, France and the French language have had an enormous influence on American society.

Basic French Language Training

The first and second year courses (FREN 1501, FREN 1502, FREN 2301, FREN 2302) work with MCL’s Language Acquisition Center (LAC) to provide credit for foreign language requirements.

These courses also prepare students for advanced level courses in language, culture and civilization, and literature. Contact Claudine Giacchetti for more information.

The French Major

The French program at the University of Houston offers an undergraduate course of studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts, preparing students for further study in French, such as a master’s or a Ph.D., for the teaching profession, or for business and government careers. A 2.5 minimum GPA is required. Complete information can be found on our degree programs page, UH Catalog or by contacting Claudine Giacchetti.

French Minors

French Language Minor

The French minor requires 15 semester hours, of which 12 must be advanced, including 3 hours at the 4000 level. At least 9 of the advanced semester hours must be completed in residence, with a 2.0 minimum GPA on all French courses attempted at UH. class/mcl/french/_docs/2021/john-and-wanda-martin-french-scholarship-2021.pdf

Minor in French for Business-Related Professions

This minor in business-related professions requires 15 semester hours, of which 12 must be advanced, including FREN 3316, FREN 3317 and FREN 4317. Students who choose this minor, with a major in a field leading to a career in a business-related profession, may apply for a summer internship abroad, after completing 12 advanced hours in the major and in French. They must also earn a minimum 2.0 GPA on all French courses attempted at UH. Contact Claudine Giacchetti for more information.

World Cultures & Literatures

18 units, including a 9-unit concentration in European or Francophone studies or in French literature, French business and/or French studies. Up to 6 units from another major or minor — concentration approved by WCL director. Visit the WCL website for more information.

Master's Program

Master's Degree in World Cultures and Literatures with concentration in French


For further study abroad and scholarship options, consult the Office of International Studies & Programs.