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About Us

The Program in Classical Studies seeks:
  • To foster understanding and communication through the study of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome and their foundational relationship with Western culture at large.
  • To provide education and training for students seeking careers drawing on or enhanced by such study, in areas such as classical scholarship, commercial publishing, education and library science.
  • To develop superior writing and communication skills through the study of ancient languages, etymology, and complex syntax.

We offer elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses in the Latin and Greek (ancient and modern) which serve students from every college in the university that requires language study. These same courses serve our minors in Classical Studies as well as a steady stream of graduate students needing language skills for research, especially in the disciplines of Art History, History, English, and Philosophy.

Our program also offers courses approved for CORE credit, which are all taught in English. Whether their content is literary, historical, or largely cultural, these courses are aimed at developing or enhancing students' critical abilities. They include the consideration of the classical tradition and the ways it is relevant in our own time.

The program currently offers a minor in Classical Studies. We are partnering with the Liberal Studies Program to offer several different concentrations involving the ancient world for students who want to create their own interdisciplinary major. We are also working with Art History program to develop an Ancient Studies track of their MA program. Finally, we support the World Cultures and Literatures minor and MA program through our course offerings, some of which may be taken for credit in that program.

Please explore this website to learn more about our faculty, our degrees and courses, and the latest program news or click here for our brochure. You can also find us on facebook.