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Jamie Guined Leads her Crew on Simulated Mars Mission in the Utah Desert

HHP research employee, Jamie Guined recently commandered a crew of 6 people on a mission to the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in the Utah desert. The MDRS crew spent two weeks at the Mars analog habitat in southern Utah conducting simulation work in one of the most Mars-like environments on Earth to help prepare human explorers for a mission to the Red Planet.

The crew's experiences were featured in a National Geographic news video titled "Exploring Mars in Utah" by photojournalist Jim Urquhart, who was embedded with the crew.

Jamie Guined

A screen grab of Crew 138 Commander, Jamie Guined

Watch the Video on the National Geographic website

While on site, Jamie's team named Crew 138 carried out a variety of research directly related to human Mars exploration. Areas of testing included: geology, microbiology, communications, bio-medical, human factors, engineering, astronomy, food-nutrition, robotics and agriculture, to name a few.

mars crew

Quad-copter in use by MDRS crew member for aerial filming and mapping purposes. (Image courtesy - Mars Desert Research Station)

Check out more images of crew 138's mission on the Mars Desert Research Station Facebook page

Read the final mission report for crew 138

About The Mars Desert Research Station and the Mars Society

mars society

The Mars Desert Research Station is one of four Mars base-like habitats located in deserts in the Canadian Arctic, the American southwest, the Australian outback, and Iceland. It is a project of the Mars Society, whose purpose is to further the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet.

Visit the Mars Desert Research Station website

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