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HHP's Welcome Back Week

HHP's Welcome Back Week Events: Free T-shirt, Health Screenings, Brownies and BBQ

HHP's welcome back week features events and free goodies to start off the semester with a bang. Check out the schedule of events below:

Space Life Sciences


Monday Aug 27th

Space Life Sciences

The event kicks off with a free t-shirt if you like us on facebook, look for HHP's booth at the entrance to the garrison building from 9.00 am to 3pm.

Tuesday, Aug 28th

Space Life Sciences

On Tuesday you can get a free Health screening by students and researchers from the Texas Obesity Research Center at the UC Satellite from 9am to 2pm, look for the HHP table.

Wednesday, Aug 29th

On Wednesday you can get a free fitness consultation at the UC Satellite from 9am to 2pm, look for the HHP table.

Thursday, Aug 30th

Space Life Sciences

On Thursday, you can get a free brownie and a ticket for a chance to win a Shasta's coupon book. The coupon book entitles you to have 8 free lunches at Shasta's cafe throughout the semester, the lunches are worth $56.

Friday, Aug 31st

Space Life Sciences

The welcome back week culminates in a grand party at the Garrison building entrance from 11.30 am to 3pm, wear your new hhp t-shirt and you can have free BBQ lunch. There will be a drawing for Shasta's coupon book and other giveaways.