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Making News: Dr. O'Connor Quoted in New York Times Article on Weight Loss Surgeries.

The New York Times in an article titled "State Spending for Weight-Loss Surgery Increases" quoted Dr. O'Connor's thoughts on weight loss surgeries as a public-health intervention tool. The article was originally published in the Texas Tribune.

Dr. Daniel O'Connor

Dr. Daniel O'Connor

Below is an excerpt from the article:

Daniel O’Connor, an associate professor in the University of Houston’s department of health and human performance, said that although weight-loss surgery has clear benefits for individual patients, it is not a sustainable public-health intervention. Mr. O’Connor said the state could reach many more people with less expensive lifestyle interventions, and improve their health enough to save far more dollars than bariatric surgeries do.

“We need to determine what model we should use on a gross level, not a patient-by-patient level,” he said. “We might be able to make them better enough with nonsurgical interventions that there’s still a significant health care saving to the state.”

Read the entire article on the NYT website