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Certificates and Awards

On the final day of the semester, the Language and Culture Center presents Certificates of Graduation to students who have successfully completed Level 6. On this day, Outstanding Student Awards are also presented to one student from each course.

Certificate of Graduation (Level 6)

In order to receive the Certificate of Graduation, students must meet all criteria listed below:

  • grade of C (73%) or higher in all courses  
  • final research paper and final research presentation
  • class attendance in compliance with LCC guidelines
    • fewer than 40 hours of absence for Fall, Spring, and Summer students
    • fewer than 20 hours of absence for Fall II, Spring II, and Summer II students
  • full payment of all tuition and fees

Outstanding Student Award

It is tradition at the LCC to present an Outstanding Student Award to a deserving student in each course at the end of the semester.

During the last week of the semester, students vote for the Outstanding Student recipient in their courses. Instructors then make the final recipient decisions. 

Outstanding students have the following characteristics: 

  • excellent work and participation in all courses
  • will progress to the next level
  • is respected by classmates
  • has good attendance
  • has a positive attitude
  • is kind and helpful to other students