Mission - University of Houston
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The Language and Culture Center, the English language program of the University of Houston, provides the highest quality academic English instruction to domestic and international students. The Language and Culture Center serves as the official pathway into the University of Houston and to other universities and colleges in the United States. To achieve this mission, all staff at the Language and Culture Center are committed to:

Excellence in Teaching and Student Services

The Language and Culture Center firmly believes in ensuring exceptional quality in our program curricula, student instruction, and student services. We aim to maintain compliance with the highest professional standards.

Service to the University of Houston

The Language and Culture Center is dedicated to upholding the University of Houston’s international initiatives, and to promoting a welcoming environment on our campus. We endeavor to prepare domestic and international students linguistically and culturally for undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University of Houston.

Unconditional Respect and Integrity

The Language and Culture Center is committed to providing a fair, safe, and positive learning environment. We are dedicated to ensuring full disclosure of all Language and Culture Center policies.

Ongoing Professional Development

The Language and Culture Center believes in the ongoing professional development of all its staff, which includes instructors, leadership, support staff, and program assistants.