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JobCITE connects on-campus employment to co-curricular learning. It is a partnership between the Cougar Initiative to Engage and the Division of Student Affairs. JobCITE is adapted from the  Iowa GROW (Guided Reflection on Work) program at the University of Iowa. This intervention has been implemented at over 150 institutions, including many top-50 public institutions.


Supervisors engage student employees in short conversations at the beginning and end of the academic year or employment period. The conversations include these four questions:


· How does your job fit in with your courses?

· What are you learning here that is helping in your courses?

· What have you learned in your courses that you can apply here at work?

· Can you give me a couple of examples of things you have learned that you think you will use in your planned career?


Students reflect on the connections between their campus jobs and academics through a brief survey administered before the conversation.

Conversations can be conducted either one-on-one or in small groups.

Supervisors also evaluate student’s growth in in effective communication, problem solving, and teamwork. 


CITE has developed distinct rubrics for the JobCITE program:


· Effective Communication

· Problem Solving

· Teamwork


Interested in bringing JobCITE to your college, division, or department? Let the Cougar Initiative to Engage know at

Click here for an example of an email explaining JobCITE to students