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Recovery Ally Training


In order to register for the training, you must have a valid UH PeopleSoft ID number.

  1. Log in to AccessUH
  2. Select the Get Involved button
  3. Select the Forms header
  4. Type in Recovery Ally Training in the search bar
  5. Two training options will populate for you to select


To promote the inclusivity of and sensitivity towards individuals in recovery by empowering the University of Houston faculty, staff, and students with the tools and knowledge to interact empathically and knowledgeably to support those in recovery and those struggling with active substance use.

Learning Outcomes

Through participating in the Recovery Ally Training, attendees will be able to confidently support individuals by:

  1. Understanding the complex nature of addiction as a disease and that substance use disorders often cannot be resolved by the individual simply choosing to stop.
  2. Confronting myths and stigma regarding addiction and recovery and how its negative impact deters individuals from seeking support and perpetuates irresponsible drug use.
  3. Using empathetic language when a person chooses to honor you by disclosing that they are struggling with substance use.
  4. Being available to effectively listen and use tactful communication techniques to respond to those who express the need for support.
  5. Defining and understanding that recovery is a life-time journey with multiple pathways to achieving wellness in recovery.
  6. Being knowledgeable of the available recovery support resources that are on and off-campus and how to access them.