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Continuous Open Bidding/365 Recruitment Policies

The purpose of the below information is to educate UH fraternity and sorority members, their advisors, and potential new members about the recruitment expectations, policies, and procedures of the University of Houston's Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life. It is our goal to create a positive experience for all involved through a collaboration between the office, chapter members, chapter/alumni Advisors, and (inter) national headquarters/boards.

In order for CFSL to properly assist chapters with the recruitment process and avoid potential issues, all chapters conducting recruitment during a non-formalized recruitment period must adhere to the below process. As your chapter proceeds through its Continuous Open Bidding/ 365 Recruitment process, please make sure that you complete the items below.

The checklist should be completed in its entirety and by all deadlines. Failure to submit paperwork and conduct meetings on time may result in the suspension of activities.

Guidelines for Panhellenic & IFC

1. After formal recruitment, if you intend to recruit for additional members, you must inform the VP of Recruitment for the Council, as well as the Recruitment Advisor/IFC Advisor of your intent to continue to recruit.

2. Fraternity/Sorority Recruitment Request Form - This form informs CFSL of a chapter's planned recruitment process timeline, calendar of events, officers responsible for recruitment, and expectations of the process. The calendar of events must include:

  • Dates, times, and locations of all new member activities
  • Start Date of Education
  • Initiation Date
  • Any additional or pertinent dates to the organization or process
  • DATE DUE: To be completed and approved before the start of any additional recruitment activities.
  • COMPLETED BY: Chapter President and/or Recruitment Chair or New Member Educator.
  • Example

Once approved, chapter may begin additional recruitment up to/through the selection of potential new members. This can include recruitment events, interest meetings/informationals, educational programs, etc. Do not extend bids.
Remember that chapters should be sharing the University policies regarding Hazing.

3. Fraternity/Sorority PNM Verification Form

  • DATE DUE: To be completed and approved before the start of membership education (Allow at least 2 business days for verification)
  • COMPLETED BY: Chapter President and/or Recruitment Chair or New Member Educator
    • Have PNMs complete FERPA form.
    • Aspirants will be sent information regarding the University Policies and must sign digitally before aspirant list is approved.

Once PNMs are verified, chapter may extend bids to their eligible PNMs, and begin their Candidate Education process leading towards initiation.

4. Please submit signed MRABAs/Finalized accepted Bid Lists no later than 2 days before new member education begins.

Things to Remember:

New Member Education cannot take place during breaks or the summer. Education can occur only in the Fall and Spring of each semester. All New Members must be initiated by the CFSL deadline for each semester (last Friday before finals).

In the event any information needs to be updated or changed, chapter members in charge of the process will need to notify CFSL in writing no less than 2 business days prior to the new event time.These documents must be submitted prior to the start of additional New Member Education.

Without the submission of the required paperwork new membership education will not be approved. In the event that additional new membership education activities begin without the knowledge and approval of CFSL and/or the chapter has not adhered to these written new member education guidelines, new membership education activities will cease immediate.