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Testing Center Rules

Students: Please read our updated rules for the CASA Testing Center.

  • IMPORTANT: Any student who is required to take an exam at the CASA Testing Center must register his/her Photo and FingerPrint prior to the testing date. This is a ONE TIME process only. UH Cougar Card is REQUIRED for one-time registration process.
  • A Photo ID card is required to check in.
  • CASA exams are given by RESERVATIONS ONLY. You must schedule your exam in advance using the exam scheduler in Courseware account.
  • Check-in starts 20 minutes before your scheduled exam time. As a courtesy, we allow you to check-in no later than 15 minutes after your reservation, based on the CASA FRONT DESK wall clock. No exceptions!
  • No food and/or drinks allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Exams begin on the hour: If you arrive late, you may have the possibility of rescheduling your exam. There is NO "standby" provision. No exceptions!
  • Only items essential to testing are permitted at the testing workstations. Students are not permitted to bring any personal belongings to the Testing Center. Items such as briefcases, notebooks, backpacks, purses, calculators (unless instructed otherwise), pagers, cell phones, recording devices, photography equipment, and any other prohibitive item that is not related to the testing session must be placed at the check-in desk.
  • Raise your hand for assistance.
  • Return all testing materials, scratch paper, etc. and aids to a proctor at the check-out desk at the end of your testing session.
  • The CASA Testing Center is not responsible for any lost, misplaced, or damaged personal belongings.
  • CASA is not affiliated with Educational Testing Services (ETS). Please contact Patrick Daniel with any questions you may have about ETS at