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Summer Programs

Staying on campus as part of a summer program or with the Teach for America group? Delivery Services is the team that will be handling all packages that you may be receiving. Below is some helpful information to ensure that those packages get to you without delay and in a timely manner. 

The most important information is going to be the address that you use. You need to make sure that you have the full program name that you are a part of to ensure that the package is processed appropriately. We do not know what abbreviations stand for, so we must have the complete name (program name or individual name if a part of TFA). If you are part of Teach for America, then you need to have your full name as well as Teach for America or TFA shown. Below are examples of each format depending on which group you fall under.

Summer Program Addressing:
Teach for America Addressing:

Summer Program Name
Program Attendee Name (if applicable)  
4373 Cougar Village Dr.
Houston, TX 77204

Name (Your Full Name)
Teach for America
4016 Cullen Blvd
Houston, TX 77204

If you have any issues regarding a package, please contact the housing staff listed below. They will get in touch with the Delivery Services staff to correct any issues.

Housing/TFA Staff

Cougar Place
Bernice Cantu 713.743.6582
Cougar Village 1 & 2
Rosemary Aleman 713.743.6005
Teach for America
Amy Nasr 585.424.0246

Please do not contact Delivery Services directly or come over to our facility unless directed to do so by one of the persons listed above or contacted by Delivery Services.