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The Language and Culture Center (LCC), housed in the Department of English, is an intensive English program providing noncredit English language instruction to undergraduate and graduate international students who have not yet been admitted to degree programs because they need to improve their reading, writing, grammar, or spoken English skills to compete successfully in the university classroom.

International Graduate Teaching Assistants who score low on the Test of Spoken English (TSE), the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK), or other nationally standardized tests may enroll (register) for LCC 6034: English for International Teaching Assistants and Faculty, a noncredit course on English pronunciation and U.S. academic culture.

LCC courses do not count toward degrees, but do count toward full-time student status for immigration reporting purposes and for calculation of building use and student service fees.

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University of Houston
Department of English
Language and Culture Center
116 Roy Cullen Building
Houston, TX 77204-3014

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