Cooperative Education Program

The Cooperative Education Program (CO-OP) is a documented internship which appears on a currently enrolled student's university transcript. CO-OP experience enables students to receive valuable educational training with pay in the student's major field of study either part-time (parallel) or full-time (rotational). Most undergraduate students participate in CO-OP at the beginning of their junior year but all student classifications are eligible to participate in CO-OP after completing a minimum of two semesters within their major field of study, including transfer, graduate and international students on F1-Visas. Students are required to submit work report at the end of each CO-OP semester to document receiving work experience in their major field of study and to receive a letter grade on the official transcript. CO-OP positions are available in must college disciplines, especially engineering, business, natural science and mathematics, government and human services.

For further information, contact:

University of Houston
Director of Cooperative Education
302 Engineering Bldg 1, #579 (on campus map)
Houston, TX 77204-4028

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