Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences

Who's Who in the Department

Carole Goodson

Barbara L. Stewart

Carole Goodson, Barbara L. Stewart

Associate Professors:
Peter Bishop, Shirley Ezell, Katy Greenwood, Holly M. Hutchins, Marcella M. Norwood, JungKun Park, Consuelo Waight


Department Overview

The Department of Human Development and Consumer Science (HDCS) produces a stream of well educated and dedicated professionals in the fields of retail management, and training and development. Through its students, the department contributes to the economic growth and the quality of life by providing career oriented graduates who are trained to become innovators and leaders in their community.

The Retailing and Consumer Science bachelor's degree has specializations in Consumer Science and Merchandising, Technology Entrepreneurship, E-tailing, and Training and Development, plus Professional Studies - a program that allows students to individualize their choice of specialization.

The Human Resources Development degree educates professionals to help organizations perform better by empowering its employees to perform better. Students learn useful tools to design and deliver workplace training, facilitating organizational change and increasing productivity.

The programs of study prepare students for career opportunities in business and industry, public service organizations, government and school systems. These undergraduate degree programs provide a pathway to Master's degrees in Futures Studies in Commerce, Human Resource Development, and Global Retailing.

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