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General Information

Raymond T. Nimmer, J.D., Valparaiso University

Associate Dean:
Richard Alderman, LL.M., University of Virginia

Associate Dean for External Affairs:
Kathy Brannon, B.S., University of Houston

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration:
Mybao Nguyen, B.B.A., University of Houston

Associate Dean for Student Affairs:
Sondra R. Tennessee, J.D., Washington University

Assistant Dean for Admissions:
Jamie Dillon, J.D., University of Houston

Assistant Dean for Career Development:
Alison Regan, J.D., Loyola University, New Orleans

Assistant Dean for Law IT:
Scott Smith, M.S., University of Texas at Tyler

Director of Trial Advocacy Program, Newell Blakely Advocacy Institue:
Jim Lawrence, J.D., University of Houston

Director of Marketing and Communications:
Carrie Criado, J.D., University of Houston Law Center

Director of O'Quinn Library:
Spencer Simons, J.D., University of Washington

Law is both a professional program and an academic discipline. The Law Center seeks not only to provide training in substantive areas of the law, but also to create an understanding of the role and function of law in society. Because the primary concern of a lawyer is conflict resolution, the Law Center emphasizes training that enables students to identify the critical issues that create conflict and to advise clients regarding conflict resolution. The process includes both planning to avoid problems and participating in various methods to solve them. The Law Center aims to develop technical competence in drafting, negotiating, and litigating, and it further aims to develop an understanding of the law in various fields and of the process by which law is formed and changed. The presence of other academic disciplines at the University of Houston supports the legal education objectives of the Law Center.

The Law Center enrolls first-year, full-time students beginning in the fall semester, which starts in August. First-year, part-time students who will attend evening classes enroll in the summer semester, which starts in May. There are no spring admissions.

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