General Architecture Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements Hours
Communication 6
Mathematics 3
Mathematics/Reasoning 3
U.S. History 6
American Government 6
Humanities 3
Visual/Performing Arts 3
Natural Sciences 6
Social/Behavioral Sciences
Writing in the Disciplines 3

Integrative Courses

The objective of integrative courses is to provide students with experience in analyzing, criticizing, and relating ideas at an advanced level from multiple disciplines. There are four ways students may satisfy the requirement:

  1. A pair of student initiated courses. Students write a proposal for how the courses will be integrated and what the specific result of the integration will be (usually a paper or project). Approval of the proposal is obtained from the associate dean and then the instructors in the courses. The instructors must agree to monitor the progress during the semester and work with the student to integrate the courses. At the end of the semester, the instructors must sign a form stating that the integration was either successful or unsuccessful. An unsuccessful integration means that the pair may not be used to satisfy the requirement.
  2. Participation in an approved study abroad program. 
  3. Completion of a minor.
  4. Completion of a thesis (Senior Honors Thesis or architecture thesis conforming to the general requirements of Senior Honors Thesis).

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