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All grades of I (incomplete) that are not otherwise changed within one academic year of the date awarded will automatically convert to F. A grade of D+ or lower in a design studio may not be used toward graduation or as a prerequisite to the next studio . A grade of I is lower than D+. To take a design studio more than twice, a student must have written permission from the dean.

Courses in the college are generally sequential and must be taken in the correct order. They may not be skipped, doubled up, or otherwise taken out of sequence. Most of the courses are offered only in either the Fall or Spring semesters and are therefore unavailable, if missed, until the next year.

Architecture and interior architecture students are evaluated at the end of the third studio for continuation in the design studio sequence. Industrial design students are evaluated in INDS 2501 for continuation in the design studio sequence.

A review of architecture students' progress occurs at the end of the sixth studio in the studio sequence (ARCH 3501). A positive portfolio review is required for matriculation into the advanced studios of semesters 7-10 and completion of the Bachelor of Architecture degree. The portfolio review is independent of grades received from courses previously taken; the primary intent of the portfolio review is to confirm preparedness and seriousness of study required for enrollment in the Professional Studios. Students not receiving a positive evaluation have the option of completing the curriculum for the Bachelor in Environmental Design degree.

All student work may be retained permanently by the college. Students should photograph their work before submitting in order to have a record of it for their portfolio.

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