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Visiting Scholars

The Asian American Studies Center sponsors distinguished scholars from local, national and international communities and academic institutions. These scholars join UH to teach courses, conduct research projects and offer public lectures on topics in their area of expertise to enhance our university’s global engagement.

Dr. Zhuo Feng Dr. Zhuo Feng (Professor from Shenyang Normal University)
Mr. Mu Zhai Mr. Mu Zhai (Professor at Jilin University in China)
Professor Zhu Binbin Dr. Zhu Binbin (Professor from Northeast Normal University in China)
Dr. Honguuan Shang Dr. Hongjuan Shang (Professor from Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences in China)
Professor Zhou Haitao Mr. Zhou Haitao (Professor from Beijing Normal University in China)
haerheebaeck Ms. Haerhee Baeck (Professor from Seoul Theological University)