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The Asian American Studies Center provides scholarships to qualified undergraduate and graduate students who want to pursue educational and research opportunities in Asian and Asian American Studies fields.

Since 1998 the Center has provided over $465,000 worth of scholarships and student assistant funds to more than 175 students. 

Academic Excellence Scholarship

The scholarship application is closed and typically opens in January. Information about the submission process will be available in January. Students who minor in Asian American Studies or take Asian American studies courses (such as AAMS 2300, AAMS 4300…), demonstrate academic excellence and have a GPA of 2.7 or higher are eligible to apply. 

Here are just a few of the student scholarship recipients from past years:

Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipents $1000
sessa-scholarship2022.jpg Saman Essa
(Program: Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology)

Jaqueline Jimenez
(Major: Business)


Jessica Leung
(Major: Communications Sciences and Disorders)


Areej Munir
(Major: Psychology)


Elizabeth Noh
(Major: Teaching and Learning)


Nahanael Tan
(Major: Religious Studies)


Man Duong
(Major: Economics)


Audrey Luong 
(Major: Biology)


Lauren Meagher
(Major: Media Production)

lvo-scholarship2021.jpg Lillian Vo
(Major: Industrial Design)

Elizabeth Whitehead
(Major: English)

Denny Do Denny Do
Silvia Romo-Duarte Silvia Romo-Duarte
( Major: English/Creatvie Writing)
Thomas Santos Thomas Santos
( Major: English/Creative Writing)
Andrew Wells Andrew Wells
(Major: Liberal Studies)
Research Scholarship Recipents $2000
Jason Bergeron Jason Bergeron
(Alum: Ph.D. in Higher Education)
bio2 Daniel Chu
(Graduate student: Creative Writing program)
Anthony Foster Anthony Foster
(Graduate student at UH, previously graduated from Rice University)
Silvester Mata Silvester Mata
(Graduate student: Ph.D. in Higher Education)
Trang Phan Trang Phan
(Graduate student: Ph.D. in Higher Education)
Toni Templeton Toni Templeton
(Alum: Ph.D. in Higher Education)
bio1 Rachel Junior
(Major: Anthropology, Minor: Asian American Studies)
awarded a $1000 scholarship 
bio1 Tina Carrell Jones
(Major: Sociology, Minor: Asian American Studies)
awarded a $800 scholarship 
bio2 Elisa Leal
(Major: Chinese Studies, Minor: Asian American Studies)
awarded a $800 scholarship 
bio3 JianQiang Shi
(Major: Human Development and Family Studies, Minor: Asian American Studies)
awarded a $800 scholarship 
bio4 Fanny Kuang
(Major: Psychology, Minor: Asian American Studies)
awarded a $800 scholarship