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Making healthy lifestyle choices.
Actively engaging in those lifestyle choices.
Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Recent News

  • Dimensions of Wellness

    The nine dimension model helps students to understand how several areas of life can affect their overall health and wellness. UH Wellness will highlight one dimension a month to provide students a chance to explore how to improve their lives in each dimension. Dimension of the Month - Financial Wellness. Find a few tips on how to improve your emotional wellness.
  • Wellness Bursts

    For Faculty with 5 minutes to spare or do not want to cancel class!

    These quick presentations provide faculty an opportunity to bring in UH Wellness staff to present to students tips, facts or simple ideas on how to improve their overall health and wellness in relation to their life and possibly their future career. Faculty can visit our presentation page for specific topics or choose one that best fits their class and request the presentation through our online process. The request in not confirmed until faculty receive a confirmation email.

  • UH Tobacco-Free Policy

    On June 1, 2013, the University of Houston was designated as a tobacco-free campus. Initial implementation included the establishment of designated tobacco-use locations on the UH main campus and at the Energy Research Park.