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Recent News

  • Hiring for Data Analyst

    UH Wellness is hiring for a undergraduate or graduate student to assist us with statistical data analysis from late-spring to mid-summer. This position requires working knowledge of IBM’s SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) to help analyze findings from our Spring 2016 campus health and wellness campus survey. Students will be compensated at $11/hr, must be highly motivated, and have the ability to work independently. Interested applicants are encourage to send their resumes to Dr. Patrick Lukingbeal, Director of UH Wellness, at by Monday, April 18th. Students will be notified if they are chosen for an interview.

  • National Public Health Week

    During the first full week of April each year, APHA brings together communities across the United States to observe National Public Health Week as a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation. The University of Houston Wellness department is hosting in collaboration with other departments National Public Health Week April 4th through the 8th. Several events are scheduled during the week to bring awareness and provide information on issues or solutions around 8 themes for the week. For more information about NPHW themes click here. For UH Wellness NPHW events for the week click here.

  • Dimensions of Wellness

    The nine dimension model helps students to understand how several areas of life can affect their overall health and wellness. UH Wellness will highlight one dimension a month to provide students a chance to explore how to improve their lives in each dimension. Dimension of the Month - Emotional Wellness. Find a few tips on how to improve your emotional wellness.
  • Hello Faculty - Don’t Cancel That Class!

    UH Wellness staff offer workshops and training on a variety of subjects including stress management, relaxation, communication, healthy relationships, conflict management, alcohol or other drug abuse prevention, sexual health, sexual assault, and much more. We encourage faculty to NOT cancel a class! If you know you are going to be away during a specific class period, give us a call and we will be happy to use the time to cover any number of wellness related topics. You may check our speaker’s bureau to see a more complete list of topics. Simply call UH Wellness at (713) 743-5430, or email us a request at Please identify your class, the number to whom we would be speaking, the topic, and the date, time of day, and where the presentation would be. It is also helpful if you tell us something about your audience. Leave your name, telephone number, and email address so that we may follow up on your request. The engagement is not confirmed until we have spoken directly to you. Thank you for your interest.

  • Zika Virus in the Americas

    Detections of locally-acquired Zika virus transmission in the Americas represent an expansion of the disease to new geographic areas. City of Houston Information and Travel Information.

  • Care for the Air

    In support of the UH policy, Care for the Air is a Wellness education initiative to bring awareness, education and promote the spirit of cooperation of the policy to members of the UH community. Click on the following for Tobacco Education and Resources.

  • Houston Boots Smoking

    We’re fighting for a healthier tomorrow. Over 20 million people have died of smoking since the first Surgeon General’s warning report on smoking in 1964. And, an incredible 2.5 million people out of that 20 million did not even smoke, but were exposed to secondhand smoke. Let’s kick it to the curb Houston! #HoustonBootsSmoking

  • UH Tobacco-Free Policy

    On June 1, 2013, the University of Houston was designated as a tobacco-free campus. Initial implementation included the establishment of designated tobacco-use locations on the UH main campus and at the Energy Research Park.