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Research Showcase Highlights Scholar Acheivement

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Research Showcase Group Photo

December 4, 2012 - For the Tier One Scholar Research Showcase, seven Scholars presented their craft in an intimate setting, displaying the benefits of research and how they found a mentor for their projects.

The participants had recently presented at the University’s annual Undergraduate Research Day held a week prior. This Tier One showcase event provided Scholars an opportunity to share their research with fellow Tier One Scholars and donors, who had a chance to see first-hand the impact of their gifts, said Veronique Tran, who advises the Tier One Scholars.

“I think that what it did, it gave the Scholars another opportunity to share their research, which is important and also address questions about future work and see where they would take it from here,” Tran said.

“And some of them are planning to continue on in their research mentors lab and some will be pursuing a senior honor thesis and other scholarships, across the nation or abroad. At UH we have the SURF and the PURS, which enable them to do additional research.”

Projects represented various disciplines, ranging from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Biochemistry junior Roya Zamini presented “A Pilot Study Analyzing Nonverbal Behavior during an Iterative Social Interactive Trust Game” under the direction of associate psychology professor Carla Sharp.

“I wanted to conduct research primarily because of my personal interest in translational research. I feel that conducting research is not only a way to contribute to your field, but it is also a great supplement to the concepts and subjects being taught in your classes,” Zamani said.

Roya Zamani Research Showcase

Future Tier One Scholars who may be on the fence as to whether they should get involved with research should first look into the details.

“Research isn't for everyone because there's a lot of patience and tedious work involved; however, the rewarding feeling that one can gain after completing a research project or making a leap in one's research is an unforgettable experience,” said pre-pharmacy sophomore Lauren Tolat who presented her work on behalf of the College of Pharmacy.

Lauren Tolat Research Showcase

For political science junior Katie Teeters, the research experience has impacted her as a student and will impact her career post graduation.

“There is no doubt that my research experience will have a lasting effect on my future career. Liberal nationalism is an extremely broad topic, but as I research the idea I am able to formulate questions and hypothesis of the impact on society and government,” Teeters said.

“Since law and public service is my goal, studying liberal nationalism opens thought and allows me to see the importance of culture in the balance of government.” During the networking dinner, Karen Weber, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, shared some advice on finding research potential mentors and research opportunities. The Tier One research stipend provides Tier One Scholars with $1,000 to complete a semester of research. Tran said the stipend is an incentive for Scholars to get their feet wet in research as a beginning researcher, and from there she hopes that they will continue on.

“We try to make the research stipend as flexible as possible so that the students will take advantage of it. The stipend is reserved for each Tier One student so my hope is that all of them will take advantage of it, because otherwise it would be a missed opportunity for them,” Tran said.

List of Presenters:

What’s in Your Soda?
David Kronenberger, Scholar | Jay Neal, Mentor
College of Hotel & Restaurant Management  

Temperature Control for a Microfluidics Device for Characterization of HbS Polymerization
Kerry Schuette, Scholar | Peter Vekilov, Mentor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, College of Engineering  

Stochastic Delay and Signal Propagation in Gene Regulatory Networks
Sarah Stanley, Scholar | William Ott, Mentor
Mathematics, College of Natural Science & Mathematics  

Chemical and Physical Compatibility of Intravenous Solutions of Epinephrine and CaCI2
Mary Sun, Scholar | Phillip Weeks & Diana Shu-Lian Chow, Mentors
Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy  

Liberal Nationalism
Katherine Teeters, Scholar | Jeffrey Church, Mentor
Political Science, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences  

Gravin Protein Mediates Signaling in Atherosclerosis Mice Model
Lauren Tolat, Scholar | Bradley McConnell, Mentor
Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy  

A Pilot Study Analyzing Nonverbal Behavior During an Iterative Social Interactive Trust Game
Roya Zamani, Scholar | Carla Sharp, Mentor
Psychology, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences