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GCSW Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote unity among all students of the GCSW.
Our goals are as follows:

  1. to promote cohesiveness among students,
  2. to promote student scholarship and leadership,
  3. to enhance community awareness of our school and its students,
  4. to promote communication among students, faculty, and administration.

All students of the GCSW shall be members of the Student Association. In accordance with the National Association of Social Workers’ (NASW) Code of Ethics, this organization does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of gender, gender identity, age, race/ethnicity, sexual/affectional preferences, religious belief, national origin, marital status, political belief, physical handicap, mental handicap, or any other preference or personal characteristic, condition, or status.

All Student Association members are entitled to voting privilege at meetings, but they must be an official member and be present to have their vote counted.

The Student Association meets monthly. All GCSW students are welcome to attend meetings and/ or join. The Student Association offers locker rentals in the student lounge and GCSW T-Shirts. The SA also coordinates the GCSW faculty, staff and student awards which are given at the time of graduation.

2018-2019 Student Association Officers

President - Ali Lozano
Vice President - Emily Joslin 
Secretary - Cecilia Wanga
Treasurer - Kamah Asha Wilson 
SA Student Senator - Emily Joslin 
Director of Communications - Stephanie Gomez 

Lockers and T-Shirts
We have several packages to choose from for lockers and t-shirts (w/ limited availability):
Dues, T-shirt, & Locker: $30 
Dues, T-Shirt: $25
Dues & Locker: $20 
T-shirt & Locker: $20
Dues Only: $15
T-shirt: $15
Locker: $10

Student Association Awards

Barbara Jordan Integrity Award
This award is in the name of the first Black woman elected to the Texas Senate and the first U.S. Representative for Houston’s 18th District, known for her tenacity and perseverance. The recipient of this award is a part-time or online student who has demonstrated discipline, determination, and a high standard of excellence.

The Jane Addams Unity Award
This award is named for one of the Social Work profession’s founders and examples of conviction put into practice. This award is given to the student who best demonstrates service to the GCSW, professionalism, scholastic achievement, leadership and the ability to establish and maintain faculty-student support and rapport.

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award
Gandhi provides the inspiration for the GCSW’s un-official motto, “We must become the change we want to see” and this award is given to the student who most exemplifies the power of this principle. This student is innovative in leadership style, thought, and character and is known as someone who embodies the change they work to achieve.

Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Award
This award is named for one of society’s greatest contemporary examples of advocacy, empowerment and the championing of social justice and is given to the student who embodies these same principles. As a leader, this award recipient has shown the power to cooperatively determine goals and unite others behind their causes.

Mary Richmond Service Award
This award is given in honor of one of the Social Work profession’s community practice pioneers. The student who receives this award has performed exceptional community service beyond employment or field practicum. Additionally, the recipient of this award represents the epitome of social work values and ethics and supports a traditional casework philosophy.

Outstanding Staff Award
This award is given to honor a staff member who has provided outstanding friendship and support to students throughout the academic year. Although this person may not have instructional interaction with students, he/she is chosen based on their commitment to the GCSW and the promulgation of social work education, values, and ethics.

Outstanding Faculty Award
This award was initiated by the Student Association to honor and recognize a member of the GCSW faculty who demonstrates exceptional class performance, supportive student interaction, professional role modeling and advocacy on behalf of students. The faculty member chosen for this award will have the honor of placing Master’s degree hoods on candidates for graduation at today’s ceremony.

Community Organization and Change for Social Justice Faculty Award
This award is given to a faculty member that has demonstrated dedication to building a movement of a vulnerable population(s) by working with the people to effect change. Through education and empowerment this faculty member will have engaged students and inspired commitment and action to attain social justice with the population. This faculty thereby championed the Social Work profession's values of Service, Social justice, Dignity and Worth of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity and Competence.

Humanitarian Award
This award is given to an individual from the community that exemplifies social work through their dedication and work to promote social justice and equality. This community leader embodies the core components of social work by promoting and enhancing the well–being of individuals through social change and justice as well as honoring and encouraging people’s right to self – determination.