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UH System Seal"Welcome to the University of Houston. As a Tier One public research institution and one of the country’s most diverse universities, UH takes pride in providing the talented workforce, innovative leaders, problem solvers and visionaries necessary for a progressive and rewarding community.  Founded in 1927, UH is proud of its deep local roots and prouder still that we have grown into a nationally competitive university where energy, health care and the arts flourish, and our 40,000 students develop the skills and intelligence required for  success in an increasingly global environment."

-- President Renu Khator

Latest from the President

"In 2013, we maintained our national rankings and increased the number of our nationally recognized programs. Ten of our graduate programs are now ranked in the Top 50. For the first time, our Law Center as a whole is ranked in the Top 50, and four of its programs are ranked in the Top 20! We certainly take pride in such accomplishments, but we exist because we educate and open young minds to the possibilities of their own potential. Everything else—rankings, residence halls, recreation centers, research labs, athletics—only enhances our capacity to do so. They are not the mission in themselves. It is important for us as administrators, faculty and staff to rededicate ourselves to the core mission of our university, no matter how hard it is, no matter what demands it makes of us. If anyone can shape the future of higher education, we in Houston can. Our economy is robust, our community is generous and our willpower is that of a Cougar."

Excerpt from President’s Report 2013

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