SHAPE Center Community Outreach

IT Volunteers Go To SHAPE

Information Technology was involved in a community outreach project to improve computing resources at the SHAPE Community Center's two locations. On December 15, 2007, IT volunteers went to SHAPE Community Center to help bring their information technology infrastructure into the 21st century. They set-up 2 servers and approximately 55 machines that were loaded with Windows XP and Office 2003, and put on their network.

With this upgrade in place, they are able to teach more youngsters and oldsters how to use computers, including accessing a world of resources via the Internet.

The following IT staffers generously lent a helping hand:

Brillyone Fontenot
Phyllis Gapen
Bryan Bales
Linda Grant
Gary Chelette
George Creighton
Jeff Brown
Lorenzo Jones, Jr.
Alicia Gantt
Shivi Pawa
Jerry Raschke
Quinton Williams
Darryl R. Creeks
Rashad Fogle
Frank Gonzalez
Scott Wharton
Pete Rodriguez
Sheree Pearce

SHAPE Update 5/30/07 (PDF)


According to SHAPE website, the organization's goal is to empower children, adults and community groups to "regain control of their lives, homes, and communities and to return our communities to their original greatness."

SHAPE provides many services to the surrounding community:

  • Computer labs
  • Meeting space
  • Community Service Orientation
  • Legal Clinics
  • HIV/AIDS Workshops
  • A monthly Fruit & Vegetable Co-op

For more information about SHAPE, visit the SHAPE Website.