Secure Communication to ADMIN

Wednesday, August 31, 2005, was the last day the telnet protocol was available on ADMIN.

If you try to log in using the telnet protocol, you will not be able to access ADMIN.

How to Tell if Yours Is Set Up to Work

It is possible that some who log in to ADMIN using Windows computers may already have the latest version of the QVT software (5.x), but either they have not set it up to use SSH2 (instead of telnet) or they are still selecting the old telnet configuration (instead of the SSH2 configuration).

If you select your configuration from the listing under the "File" menu in QVT, be sure the configuration you select ends with "22". That's the SSH2 port. If you select a configuration that ends with "23" you're selecting a telnet configuration.

Description of the Secure Communication to ADMIN Project

To meet information privacy regulations, the University of Houston is upgrading to an improved level of information security, using secure communication to the ADMIN enterprise computing system.

To complete this upgrade, all computers that log into ADMIN will need to use terminal emulation software that supports the Secure Shell (SSH) connection protocol SSH2. SSH2 is an industry-standard encryption method that makes it more difficult to access (or "sniff") passwords as they travel from the computer on your desk to the remote computer, such as ADMIN.

As an ADMIN system user, you will need to upgrade your computer's terminal communications software client to one that uses SSH2 by August 31, 2005. We encourage all ADMIN users to upgrade their software as soon as possible.

Software Recommendations

IT Technology Support Services (TSS) has identified secure software solutions, and makes the following recommendations:

  • For Windows computers - QVT/Term 5
    UH has an existing site license for this software. QVT/Term 5 is an upgrade of the software most ADMIN users are currently using on their Windows computers. It can be downloaded from the IT Software Web site.
  • For Macintosh computers - dataComet
    There are versions of the dataComet software for OS X and OS 9 that will be available through TSS Discount Software. There is a cost for this software of $14 per computer. (The academic list price is $35.) For information about how to purchase dataComet, email or call 713-743-1411.

Privacy and security of customer information is essential. UH conducts certain kinds of customer financial transactions that are covered by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which deals with the privacy of consumer financial information.

For Information or Assistance

Information on SSH and how it relates to ADMIN and you has been distributed to all TSS distributed support personnel, as well as many administrative departments and each of the UH campuses.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact your local support representative or the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411 or You can also check out the Secure Communication to ADMIN project Web site at