What You Can Do for Green IT: University of Houston - University of Houston
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What You Can Do

  • Enable the standby/sleep mode and power management settings.
  • Review document drafts and emails onscreen instead of printing them out.
  • Power off your monitor when not in use instead of using screensavers.
  • Turn off all peripherals (scanners, speakers) until they are to be used.
  • Do not leave the computer running overnight and on weekends.
  • Choose dark backgrounds for your screen display.
  • Do not use bright-colored displays which consume more power.
  • Do not turn on the printer until you are ready to print out your documents.
  • Keep computer off until it is to be used.
  • Reduce the light level in the room when working on the computer.
  • Network\share printers where possible.
  • Print on recycled-content paper.
  • Use double-sided printing functions.
  • Email communications as an alternative to paper memos and fax documents.