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1. Students will be prioritized by cohort, with students in newer cohorts being given waivers prior to those in later cohorts.

2. Within cohorts, international students will be prioritized for the receipt of GTF waivers based on their relatively greater tuition expenses.

3. Note: Students will be considered to be of a “newer” cohort if a special situation applies whereby they have not been allotted GTF waivers in years’ past because of:

1) non enrollment during a previous year or semester due to FML, illness, etc;

2) grant or other external support that has historically covered the expense of the GTF waiver and not incurred such expenses to the university; or

3) other like circumstances that have resulted in their not using GTF waivers in prior years.

4. Note: If only a partial cohort can be covered with GTF waivers, individual student circumstances can be taken into account, including but perhaps not limited to, the following:

a. Program Area Coordinator or mentor report of suitable progress through the program (prioritizing students with positive reviews);

b. Employment through a departmental assistantship (once again linking assistantship assignments with GTF waivers);

c. Documented financial circumstances that would impact the ability to complete the program if the GTF waiver were not granted; and/or

d. Equitable coverage of students with university funded GTF waivers between the departments’s comprising doctoral programs.