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Advancing Community Engagement and Service Institute

The Advancing Community Engagement and Service Institute at the University of Houston strives to enhance real-world learning experiences for students while addressing community needs. The ACES Institute provides support and resources to faculty and staff to promote well-designed service learning opportunities to help students become the change agents of tomorrow. In addition, the Institute will conduct regular research and evaluation as part of its commitment to implementing evidence-based programs that will fulfill the educational and health needs of the community. Learn more about ACES.

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Jonathan Schwartz, Jasmine Payton, Anne McClellan, Bob McPherson, Paula Myrick Short and Sarah Fard

‘A New Era’

UH Provost Paula Myrick Short hosted a formal ceremony in late October 2017 to kick off the university-wide rollout of the ACES Institute on campus. “Today heralds a new era in service learning,” Short said. “I have very high expectations for our Advancing Community Engagement and Service Institute. It’s going to take us to the next level at the University of Houston and also engage us in extraordinarily useful ways with our larger community.”

The mission of the Advancing Community Engagement and Service Institute is to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life in the local Houston community, specifically through civic engagement and service learning.

—Anne McClellan and Jonathan Schwartz, ACES Institute
   co-founders and co-directors