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Friends of Women's Studies

Mission Statement

The mission of the UH Friends of Women's Studies is to support the University of Houston Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program's research, teaching and campus and community activities through financial and volunteer efforts. Through expertise and outreach, the Friends also support the Shuart Women's Archive and Research Collection--a unique collection of documents and oral histories from active and historical Houston area women's organizations and individuals who've made history in Houston and the region.

Friends Membership

2016-17 Members

TIME TO RENEW for 2017-18


(each level's benefits include those at lower levels)

Student $25 FWS e-newsletter
Activist $50 FWS e-newsletter
Feminist $125 Free admission to 1 Living Archives & 1 Fast Friends
Rebel $250 Free admission to all Living Archives & Fast Friends
Suffragist $500 WGSS Community Classroom admission for 2
Fair Futurist $1,000 Table Talk Kickoff Party Invitation
Aviatrix $2,500 Research luncheon with WGSS Faculty

*Higher levels include lower level benefits
Mail payments to: UH Friends of Women’s Studies, Agnes Arnold Hall, 3553 Cullen Boulevard, Room 624, Houston, TX 77204-3005

Board Members

  • President: Leah Barton
  • Vice President: Eliza Horn
  • Treasurer: Patricia Cabrera
  • Past President: Geordie Hrdlicka
  • Members: Carmen Pena Abrego, Lilian Care, Stefani Crowe, Melissa Edwards, Caroline Fant, Sydney R. Greenblatt, Elizabeth Gregory, Melenda Jeter MD, Ann MacNaughton, Chau Nguyen, Tanya Pal, Lyndsey Ray, Willetta Shepherd Rucker, Angela Shippy MD, Carey C. Shuart, Michelle Leigh Smith, Rebecca Leah Pedersen Thomas, Golden Timsar, Ashley Paige Turner, Sannam Warrender, Leandra Zarnow


The Friends of Women's Studies host Table Talk and the Living Archives series, among other events.

Table Talk

Dao and Whitaker

Table Talk is a fascinating combination of conversations over lunch. Dynamic women of various cultures, professions, and experiences lead the discussions at each table. Table Talk benefits the Women's Studies Program and the Women's ARC (Archive and Research Center) at the University of Houston. The Women's ARC was established in 1996 to collect, preserve, and share the stories of women's contributions to the life and culture of Texas and Houston. Our focus is the written records and oral histories of women's organizations and of individual women who have affected our lives. As a contributor to Table Talk you help support these important endeavors.

The next Table Talk will be held March 28, 2018, at the Hilton Americas.  Join us for another year of compelling conversations!

Living Archives

The Living Archives series, held at the Rockwell Pavillion in the UH MD Anderson Library, offers panel discussions on diverse aspects of women's lives in Houston. These discussions are open to the public. The panels are professionally videotaped and become part of the Shuart Women's Archive at the University of Houston's Anderson Library.

Friends of Women's Studies Advisory Council Members

Dina Alsowayel, Annette Bracey, Lemar Brown, Eleanor Gilbane, MaryScott Hagle, Geordie Hrdlicka, Mandy Kao, Nina Andrews Karohl, Shannon Langrand, GinRu Lee, Susana Monteverde, Sue Payne, Beverly Robinson, Rebecca Rush, Yava Scott, Carey Shuart, and MaryRoss Taylor.