Psychology is the study of human beings, their cognitive and emotional growth, and how they interact with their environment. Psychology is mindful of the influences of genetics, biology, society and culture on human behavior. Psychology explores the lifespan from birth to death. Its applied research leads to recommendations to enhance adaptive behaviors. Its research also recommends ways to prevent and intervene with abnormal or maladaptive behaviors.

If you major in Psychology in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Houston, you will likely graduate with the Bachelor of Arts degree. This major prepares you for a career in social services, in service-oriented industries, and for a variety of positions in the private and public sectors. As a major in this track, you will enjoy a rich and broad undergraduate education that will prepare you for informed involvement in the community. You may also pursue the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. This major, for instance, prepares you for work combining psychology and computer technology or in research assistant positions in medicine and industry.

As a Psychology major, you may wish to pursue graduate or professional studies in psychology, medicine, and the law. In addition, you may be interested in graduate degrees in social work, business administration, and hotel and restaurant management.

If you wish to pursue graduate or professional school in psychology or medicine, you might choose a minor in biology, chemistry, or mathematics. Should you intend to go to law school, you might elect a minor in business, economics, or political science. If you are a Psychology student with a double major, or a Psychology major who is a member of the Honors College, your minor option chosen should be the Honor's Thesis.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advisors are here to help students enrolled in the Department of Psychology. Please visit the advising appointments page for information on how to make an appointment with your psychology advisor.

Advisor II - Linda Canales lcanales@uh.edu

Advisor I - Carrie Smith cesmith3@central.uh.edu

Advisor I - Martha De Leon madeleon6@uh.edu 

Students may submit a Student Concern Form if they feel an issue with a certain psychology course, instructor or staff member is not being addressed. Please download the Student Concern Form and submit it to the front desk staff in room 124 or room 126 in the Heyne Building.