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Films and Media

Films and Media at the Language Commons (LC)

Our catalogs are periodically updated. Please contact the director to ask about our newest arrivals. 

Checkout Policy

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Software at the LC

  • Audacity (all PCs)
  • iMovie (all Macs)
  • iWork: Keynote, Numbers, Pages (all Macs)
  • Kodi (all Macs)
  • La phonétique française (Macs in 215)
  • Lockdown Browser (all computers)
  • Office 2011: Word, Excel, PowerPoint (all Macs)
  • Office 2013: Word, Excel, PowerPoint (all PCs)
  • Praat (all PCs)
  • SPSS (PCs in 216)
  • Verbomaitre (all PCs)
  • WordSmith Tools (one PC in 216)

Films in Online Courses

As UH has not made a statement of official policy when it comes to the use of copyrighted video in Blackboard for online courses, the Language Commons gives the following recommendations:

  • If possible, select films for your course that are available on Kanopy, the streaming film service provided through UH Libraries (see below for more information about Kanopy). Kanopy films can be linked to in your Blackboard course, as well as screened in your classroom. The collection contains many foreign language films, including much of the Criterion Collection. You can also put in requests for films that are not currently available.
  • If the film is available for streaming, rent, or purchase on a commercial site like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or FilmStruck, require students to purchase a subscription for the duration of the course or to rent/buy the film. Include this as part of the required course materials. For students who can come to campus, the LC has Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions that can be accessed in our Silent Media Room (see below for more information on Netflix & Amazon Prime). The LC can acquire subscriptions to other streaming services upon request.
  • If the film has a digital streaming purchase option, request that from the LC. This is becoming more common for independent documentary films and may or may not have a time limit (for an example, see the documentaries at New Day Digital).  
  • If the film is available for free on an official channel on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting site, you can link to that in your Blackboard course (for example, the Mosfilm studio makes many of their Soviet films available for free on their YouTube site).

Unfortunately, we are unable to make the DVDs and VHS in our collection available to be streamed online, as creating a digital copy for distribution on the Internet (even through a password-protected site like Blackboard) would constitute copyright infringement.

However, as always, you can request that the LC purchase films for the collection to be made available for students on our local streaming server, which students can access in the LC during our open hours. Request a film here. Students can also access any films available on Amazon Prime and Netflix in our Silent Media Room.

Netflix & Amazon Prime

We now have two TVs equipped with Netflix and Amazon Prime access in the LC. We also have the ability to order DVDs from the website upon request. We have a mobile "Roku" unit that can be set up in any classroom in order to show Netflix movies. Please consult the catalog online at to see which titles are available to "watch instantly" and which titles are available to order on DVD. All foreign titles on Netflix should have English subtitles.

UH Libraries Kanopy Streaming

Kanopy is a streaming film database that can be accessed on campus and off, as long as you have a Cougarnet login. It has an excellent collection of foreign language film, including classics from the Criterion collection. Browse foreign language titles or type in the box below to start searching!

Faculty Film Request Form

Please fill out the online form. Your request for materials will be sent to the chair of your department for approval.